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We perform repairs on all types of Cell Phones & Tablets. Yes, even the ones that are completely drenched in water, or ran over by a car.  


  Cell Phone Repair Services Include:

  • Cracked Screen

  • Black/Bleeding LCD

  • Microphone 

  • Speakers

  • Ear-piece Speaker

  • Charging Port

  • Frame Damage

  • Battery Replacement

  • Audio Jack 

  • Censor Issues

  • Camera Lens and Cameras

  • Malfunction in the Touch Screen

  • Water Damaged Phones

  • Heat Damaged Phones

  • Motherboard Repairs







 Broke your laptop? Lost all the data from your computer? Have a crazy virus messing up the functionality of your device? No Problem.  We also Specialize in Laptops and Desktop Repair


   Laptop Repair Services Include:

  • Cracked Screen / LCD

  • Loose Hinges

  • Cosmetic Damage

  • Liquid Damage

  • RAM upgrades

  • Hard Drive Replacement

  • Disc Drive

  • Keyboard Replacement

  • Mouse Pad Replacement

  • Virus Removal

  • Charging Port Issues

  • Battery Replacement

  • Mic/Speakers







Lucky for the gamers - we also work on Gaming Consoles - Simply because, they are precious. Inside and out.

Whatever problems you may be facing with yours, we are here to help. 




Gaming Console Repair Services Include:


   All Generations of:

   XBOX, Playstation, Nintendo Wii

  • Red Light, Blue Light of death

  • Stuck Disc Removal

  • Laser Replacement

  • Disc Drive Alignment

  • Heat Damaged Treatment

  • HDMI Repairs

  • Connections

  • Thermal Treatment

  • Power Supply

  • Fan Replacement

  • LCD Replacement (Portable Consoles)






Cracked iPhone
Cracked Macbook Screen
PS3 Repair PS4 Repair
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